Monday, November 24, 2008

Thankfulness--Day 24

Today I am thankful for forgiveness. I read a story about how, after 42 years, the Vatican has decided to forgive John Lennon for his infamous "The Beatles are more famous than Jesus" remark. Seriously? It took 42 years to realize that this was merely a "boast" by a young man grappling with sudden fame? Not to mention the fact that Lennon has been dead for over 20 years...will his soul now rest in peace? Forty two years. A boastful remark. No wonder the world sees the church as hyper-critical hypocrites.

However, this story also reminded me of the attention garnered by Pope John Paul II in 1984 when he met with, and offered forgiveness to the man who had tried to assassinate him only a few short years before. It made the cover of Time Magazine and inspired a song by Steve Taylor (whom I LOVED as a teenager).

To Forgive

I saw a man
He was holding the hand
That had fired a gun at his heart
Oh, will we live to forgive?
I saw the eyes
And the look of surprise
As he left an indelible mark
Oh, will we live to forgive?
Come.......find release
Go...........make your peace
Follow his lead, Let the madness recede
When we shatter the cycle of pain
Oh, will we live to forgive
I saw a man With a hole in His hand
Who could offer the miracle cure
Oh, He said live
I forgive
Oh, He said live
To forgive

And I'm convicted. What kind of person am I? The kind that holds a grudge over a foolish mistake for 40 years? Or the kind that could hold the hand of a man who had fired a gun at my heart? I am so very grateful that Jesus was the latter. And because I've been forgiven, I live.
For this and so much more, I am very thankful.

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