Thursday, November 13, 2008

Compassion in the Dominican Republic

Last week, Compassion International took a group of bloggers to the Dominican Republic to get their thoughts and perspectives and to increase awareness among those in the blogging community. What an amazing experience they had! I highly recommend taking the time to read their stories.

One post that stood out to me personally was from Mary. The last time we were in Peru, I remember one evening, being overcome by the great need of the people. To most of us, the solution would have been something simple: $30 a month for eye drops so that a bivocational pastor can prevent his eyesight from deteriorating any further or maybe just a bit more to buy hearing aids so that a child could attend school and not be thought of as the "village idiot". Mary talks about that overwhelming sense that no matter what we are able to do, its never enough. Yet God calls us to accountability. (1 John 3:16-20) I cannot save the world, but I can share the love of the One who did. I cannot meet all their physical needs, but I can partner with Compassion to help one child at a time. And I can trust God to be sovereign through it all.

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