Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School

As is the tradition in our household, we observed the Annual First Day of School ritual this morning.

First Day of School 2010
HallieBeth--5th grade; HannahKate--10th grade

HanK looks like she's delivering a dramatic monologue here, but she's really just talking with her hands...probably saying something like,  "Would you stop taking my picture?!"  Funny how speaking through clinched teeth can resemble a smile...

(We've been using the same crayon candles every year since HanK was in Kindergarten.  They used to look like crayons.)  

I love that Hallie is still eager for the first day of school...and that she will still smile for a picture without rolling her eyes. 
HanK, on the other hand...well, its just hard to believe she will only celebrate this tradition two more times.  I seriously doubt she'll allow me to show up at her dorm and sing to her on the first day of college...even if I do have muffins.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

She'll probably kill me for this....

But, hey, I'm the mom.

Take 2


Trying to figure out mobile blogging.  I'm not nearly smart as I think I am...