Friday, November 21, 2008

Thankfulness--Day 21

Today's guest blogger is Hallie. Just remember that she is 8.
I am most thankful for friends and family, because no matter where I am they are always by my side. I'm thankful for Miss Teacher, because she takes time out of her day to teach us. I'm thankful for the people I can trust, because they are trustworthy to me. I'm thankful for doctors, because they will help you when you are sick. I'm thakful for school,because without it we would not have good education. I'm thankful for love, because without love no one would be here except for Adam and Eve because they would not have loved and had kids. *ahem* Remember she is 8. I'm thankful for me, because I am unique and I'm the only

For a child-like heart and so much more, I am very thankful.


Ms. Cheryl said...

And, Hallie, I am very thankful for you too. You are a very special young lady. Great guest post.

Kimberly said...

Awesome writing, Hallie!!