Thursday, January 28, 2010

Simply the Best--Day 28

The BEST thing today? I got new tires on my Jeep. Seriously. The tread on my tires had worn so thin, that the last time we had the oil changed, the dealership wouldn't renew our roadside assistance plan until we got new ones. It didn't seem like the tires I had were all that old, but they were out of alignment/balance so badly that it took both hands just to keep the car going straight down the road and not shimmy off into the ditch. Evidently, this is a problem and diminishes the life of the tire. A lot.
So we took the Jeep in yesterday and had new tires put on and a front-end alignment done. I cannot tell you what a difference it makes! No more shimmy. No more shake. Just smooth sailing down the open road. Even at high rates of speed (of course, no higher than the law allows).
I had no idea I would be this excited about new tires. This might mean I'm old and boring; but then again, maybe I'm just appreciative that I have a husband who cares enough for us to sell his motorcycle in order to buy new tires and keep us safe on the road. That's a pretty good deal~he traded in two old tires and got four brand new ones! He's the BEST. I just love that guy!


troybradfordphotos said...

Makes a vehicle practically "new" with new tires!

3 more days of "the best"... What is next?

Paisley said...

Reminds me of those Precious Moments "Love Is" comics that used to be in the newspaper.

"Love is selling your motorcycle to buy your wife new tires".

Joel is a good guy!