Monday, January 11, 2010

Simply the Best--Day 11

I entitled this thread "Simply the Best" intending the emphasis to be on "the Best" for the NaBloPoMo theme. Instead the emphasis seems to be on the "simple" part. It is a difficult thing to come up with material each day, so I'm afraid some of the posts (most of them, actually) are really plain, dull and even a little boring. But I'm one-third of the way through now, so I'm not ready to give up yet.
We went to some friends' house last night for a little get together. Of course, there was tons of food and every bit of it was delicious; however, the BEST discovery of the evening was Albert's Hot Sauce. It was finely chopped (smooth, not chunky) and tasted just like fresh homemade salsa. I had never heard of it, but this morning I was able to find some for myself at the grocery store. I was so excited that I couldn't wait to get home. I had Fritos and Albert's for breakfast. Turns out, its made right here in Texas~not too far from Hometown. So, I don't know who "Albert" is, but he makes the BEST hot sauce! Yummmmmm!

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Coach Wheat's Wife said...

Gotta go grocery shopping now! I hate taking the time to make my homemade salsa, so the fam will be very excited to hear about this. ;o)