Saturday, January 23, 2010

Simply the Best--Day 23

I mentioned that one of the BEST things about BigJoel's job is when I get to travel with him. I've gotten to go California, New York, Pennsylvania, Maine, Chicago, Boston, Washington, Washington D.C., the Bahamas and many other places. I've enjoyed them all and I'm so grateful for the opportunities. But by far, the BEST place we've gone is Hawaii. Of course its beautiful, but there's more to it than that. We've gone twice in the past 6 years. I've noticed the same thing both times: I feel so good while I'm there. Seriously. No headaches, no fatigue, no aches or pains, no stress. I just feel good...and that's the BEST!

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Coach Wheat's Wife said...

Well then, I think it's time for Joel to call the travel agent again. :o)