Saturday, January 16, 2010

Simply the Best--Day 16

Today I discovered the wonder that is Skype. I realize I'm probably a bit slow jumping on the bandwagon, but until now I really hadn't had much use for it...or so I thought. Since the time had come for Elizabeth's departure, I finally downloaded the application this week. It was worth it (even though its free) when I got to talk to Elizabeth this morning all the way from Trujillo, Peru. It sounded like she was in the same room with me! I didn't enable to the video feature this morning because I was still in my flamingo pjs with wicked morning hair. Not a pretty sight.
But later today, Joel, HannahKate and I took some time to goof around, experiment and figure out all the various features. We "messaged" each other, tried out the video and learned how to do conference calls. Its amazing, I tell you. HanK was upstairs, Joel in the living room and me in the bedroom~yet it was as if we were all in the same room together.
So across the world or across the house, Mr. Skype, you bring folks together. You're the BEST!


Kimberly said...

We love Skype! Micah and his Mimi can talk to each other "in person" now. Now, when he wants to show her his toys she isn't staring at the phone waiting on me to give the play-by-play! :)
We are pretty new at it, too. She got a new computer with a webcam, so we set her up over the Christmas break. Too fun!

Johanna said...

Wow, you all are just like the Jetsons.
Glad you can keep up with Elizabeth and your family in this manner.

Paisley said...

I love Skype but its still new to me so I have to learn all the features.