Friday, September 19, 2008

Dear Prude-ness Sings the Beatles

Our friends Lindsey and Marlon are getting married this weekend. Last night I went to her bachelorette party/lingerie shower. First off, I must confess, I'm a prude. Its not something I'm proud of, but its who I am. Since I wear huge sunglasses and a ballcap (like celebrities at the airport trying to be incognito) when I shop for my own "unmentionables", the thought of buying lingerie for someone else makes me break out in hives. Or shingles. I can't remember which is the one you get when you're stressed, but neither is pleasant. So instead I opted to go the sentimental, mushy route for my gift. I made her a necklace with the words "I Do" and the date stamped on little silver tags. To complete the mush, I added a Swarovski crystal dangle the color of the bridal party's dresses. I was relatively pleased with the result.

We went to a Dueling Piano Bar for the party. I must say it was a lot of fun. The musicians took requests and made every song into a sing-a-long. I realized that I can never be a contestant on "Don't Forget the Lyrics". I realized that not everyone is as much of a Johnny Cash fan as I am. Who knew? I also realized that I am old. One of the girls with us made the comment that the songs reminded her of Jr. High and High School. I was thinking how they reminded me of college and the birth of my first child. Finally, I was reminded of what a sheltered life I lead in my little insulated-smalltown-bubble-of-isolation-from-the-real-world. They do not sell rainbow colored lollipops in the shape of male anatomy at any of the stores in my hometown. No, they do not. And did I mention that I'm a prude?

Anyway, we laughed...a lot. We laughed at the musicians witty banter. We laughed at the people around us who had consumed too much alcohol. We laughed at the naughty gifts bestowed upon the unsuspecting bride by a bunch of otherwise clean-living church women. So even though I'm a prude, I had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed myself.


Paige Thompson Shepherd said...

You make me laugh...and just so you know your post relieved me. I am a prude too:))

Melissa B. said...

Love the necklace...And LOVE your play on words with a Beatles song. I think I share your inclination to be a prude! On a completely different note, please drop by my place today--we're featuring our regular Silly Sunday Sweepstakes. There are no winners, but it's a whole lotta fun!

Veggie Mom said...

I'm more of a traditionalist when it comes to weddings and showers. Yes, I guess you can say I'm a prude! The necklace is lovely, though. BTW, got a Great New Giveaway going on over at my place, to commemorate my 100th post--please stop by!