Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Birthday Blog for Dilbert

My friend, Elizabeth, has a feature on her blog called "I Love You Because..." in which she honors those closest to her on their birthdays. So today, in honor of Elizabeth's birthday, I'm copping her idea.
Elizabeth, I love you because of your fabulous sense of style. Being 12 years my junior, my first recollection of you is a little girl in frilly-froo-froo dresses sitting on the steps of our sanctuary listening to the children's sermon. I believe you wore a Leslie Luck's blue and white sailor dress to my wedding, complete with the huge square collar and even huge-r bow. We cringe now, but in those days that was trendsetting fashion! You are still my go-to person when it comes to clothing. When in doubt, I ask myself "What Would Elizabeth Wear?" and you haven't failed me yet.
I love you because of your adventurous spirit. We've been everywhere, Man (props to Johnny Cash)... Mexico, San Francisco, Boston, Portland, Colorado, New York, Florida, Peru...the list keeps growing and so do the fun memories. Whether its a mission trip, a road trip or a shopping trip, you are a great travel companion. You understand that its not the places we visit that we remember nearly as much as what we ate while we were there.
I love you because you give great gifts. I don't mean that as selfishly as it sounds. Its that you don't just go to your Martha Stewart gift closet and pull out a generic present. You really put a lot of thought into the recipient's likes, needs and personality. (Flannel pajamas at Christmas are still one of my all-time favorites!)
I love you because of the way you love my girls and the role model you are to them. You were the first person to ride in a car with HannahKate behind the wheel. (So what if it was Disney, it was still unbelievably courageous) You come to volleyball games and school plays that even I don't always want to be at. You appreciate the girls' sense of humor and encourage their individual talents. I am so thankful that they have you to look up to and to go to when I'm too much of a "mom" to remember what it was like to be 13.
I love you because of the way you love others so unconditionally, like your students and the people of Peru.
I love you because of your passion for knowing and understanding God.
I love that "I don't know" is an acceptable answer when we discuss deep theology.
I love the way you laugh, and the way I laugh so much when we're together. One day its gonna get us in trouble, but til then let's just keep giggling.
You are the sister I never had and I'm flattered when people think we're related (as long as they don't think I'm your mother!) So happy birthday, Dilbert! You sure look good for 40!

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Ms.Nauman said...

I so wish I could have seen the sailor dress! That would have been a great thing to see! :)