Monday, August 3, 2009

CP25K--The Weakest Link

What's that saying about a chain being only as strong as its weakest link?
Didn't have a good run last night.
Calves were killing me.
Balance was off.
Couldn't keep up with the group...which has grown to include myself, Elizabeth, Nancy, HannahKate and Hallie (on her scooter).
Had to walk some of the jogging rotations.
We're supposed to take today off, but I may try to walk anyway. We'll see.
This is normal, right?


knit1kids4 said...

yep... normal... you can do it!

You are wearing good shoes, right?

Jamie Mullins said...

Absolutely!! Your body is adjusting to the changes you have will be on the other side soon!

Johanna said...

Just keep going, Just keep going!!!

troybradfordphotos said...

Great job! Maci and Charles are running in a 5K this weekend. Are you ready yet? So, you seem to have pictures on all of your blogs, except the CP25K... When can we expect the picture? :)