Sunday, October 24, 2010

Good Taste

I'm not really sure where or when my obsession for taking pictures of food began, but it is now a tradition, or a habit...or maybe a vice.

Since we've been trying to eat healthier, I was a little concerned when I met Joel in New York City a few weeks ago.  I know its the "City That Never Sleeps", but it is also the "City That Always Eats."  So as much as I hate to admit it, we planned our days around breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The good thing about this however, is that I was able to be very deliberate with my culinary choices without too much fear of the consequences being reflected on the scales when I returned home.

Anyway, here is just a "taste" of how much we enjoyed NYC.
 First, was breakfast at Bubby's.  

I had Eggs Florentine.  The waitress told us Bubby's has the best hollandaise sauce in the City.  I believe her.

 Later that day, we tried out A Salt & Battery--a little place in Greenwich Village.  There were only two parties inside, but that left no room; so we ate outside and enjoyed the beautiful fall day along with some "color" commentary by a local shop owner.

We both had the polluck, or haddock, I can't remember which...but I do remember that it was absolutely delicious.

On Monday evening, we got caught out in a rain storm.  We took shelter at a "Famous Famiglia" pizza place and had a little late-night snack--pizza and garlic knots.

For once, I was able to take Joel somewhere he'd never been--PopBurger.  Paige, Elizabeth and I discovered this place up by Central Park on our last trip.  I love the presentation of the two tiny burgers in a box.  They advertise "luscious mouth watering buns" and "firm fries."

On Tuesday evening, I wanted Italian food.  We explored a couple different options, but ended up at an old favorite place--Carmine's.  Neither of us really thought about the fact that Carmine's is not a place for a party of two.  Because the portions are so large, you actually need three, four, or maybe more, friends to dine with.

We had Caesar salad, stuffed mushrooms and chicken scallopini.  Even though we ate until we were completely stuffed, there was still had enough food left over to feed a few homeless people on the subway.

And do you want to know the most exciting part?  Even after all these awesome restaurants and rich food, when I stepped on the scale the day after getting home, I only brought back an extra .4 (as in, less than half) of a pound!  Oh, the damage could have been so much worse!  All that planning paid off...and 10 hours of walking each day probably helped a little, too.  No wonder New York has so many restaurants...between never sleeping and walking everywhere, you need to eat a lot to sustain yourself!


troybradfordphotos said...

Great pictures of your meals. I also take pictures of alot of my meals (at home and away). Sherri gives me a hard time because I worry about "the presentation" of my food when I am fixing it. That way I can get a good picture. I know, I know, I am weird. When I travel, I always take a picture of the food and of the sign outside, just like you. Mainly because I want to remember it and also because it would be a good post someday. Now I am beginning to think that we are both weird... Please tell me other people do this...

lailani said...

I have been to NYC once, with a group that wanted to only eat at greasy diners the whole time - next time, doing it YOUR way! :) Enjoyed your pictures!

Anjolee said...

Oh how yummy! You are making this pregnant girl huuuungry!!!