Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Crazy Tacos

Earlier this week, our family went to a new Mexican food restaurant here in Hometown.  Honestly, the last thing Hometown needs is another Mexican food restaurant...or barbecue place.  But, we have recently acquired both.  Woo hoo.

Anyway, I'm always the last one to order because I can never make up my mind.   Hallie was sitting next to me and asked for the "Fajita Taco Loco" literally, "Crazy Fajita Taco".  Everyone else had ordered, and I was forced to make a split second I just got the same thing, even though I had no idea what it was.  That's dos Fajita Taco Locos.

In a few minutes, the waitress began bringing out our food.  She set a small plate with a taco on it in between Hallie and I, but then she said, "That's not your taco!  You have the big taco."  On her second trip to our table, she presented us with our "big tacos".  Oh my word, she wasn't kidding...

I put my fork on the plate to give some perspective on the gianormity of it.  
So I submit that instead of being called "Taco Loco", a more appropriate name would be "Taco Grande" or  "Taco Gigante".  Unless of course, the reason it is a "Taco Loco" refers to the fact that it is crazy big.
Anyway, Hallie and I enjoyed our gigantic crazy tacos; but I'm afraid the rest of the family was less than impressed with their meals.  So it appears that our regular Mexican food establishment will not have to worry about losing our patronage...even though their tacos are neither loco nor grande.  

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