Thursday, January 1, 2009

Who Are "They" Anyway?

"They" say that whatever you do on New Year's Day is what you will be doing all year long. While I would like to be on the beach in a tropical paradise to lock in my luck for 2009, the best I can do is have lunch with some good friends and avoid the laundry room. I did also get to sleep late, make some jewelry, shop at Target and spend a fun evening with my family playing games...oh, and the dogs didn't pee or poo in the gameroom floor today. I guess if that sets the tone for the year I'll be doing ok.
Happy New Year!


jennifer said...

I have heard that too LOL. I also eat black eyed peas EVERY YEAR... except for this one. We'll see if it makes a difference.

Ronnica said...

If only! I was traveling (smoothly!) on New Year's Day...would love to do a lot of that this year, but we'll see what the budget allows!