Monday, January 5, 2009

Family Ties--When Your Dad is Also Your Brother (in Christ)

Hallie and Jesus share the same birthday...sort of. Hallie's real birthday is in January and scholars don't honestly know the exact date of Jesus' birth. But December 25 is the day we celebrate His coming to earth as a baby. And in 2006, it became the day we celebrated Hallie coming to a saving knowledge of Him as her Savior. She made a public profession of faith on Christmas Day two years ago. A few days later, on January 7, 2007, Big Joel had the privilege of baptizing her. Now she's not only his daughter, but also his little sister in Christ. It was a special day...yes...a very special day.


The Wise Family said...

Very cool. I look forward to the day when our two make that same decision and Clifton is able to baptize them. A special day indeed!

Sturgmom said...

look forward to similar days with all of my children! What a witness of a Christ-loving family.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed that; I realized how special it is when Bro. Tim baptized Will! Very cool.