Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Deck the Halls--Miss Poinsettia

My mom and I picked out this little porcelein ornament as a Christmas present for my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Burns. She wrote us the sweetest thank-you note in her oh-so-perfect handwriting. Mrs. Burns is one of the reasons I chose education as my profession.

When I was in fourth grade, there were two classes at my elementary school. Mrs. Meanie taught one class. She was old and grouchy; and she had purple(ish) hair and bright red lipstick. Mrs. Burns taught the other class. She was young and beautiful with long brunette hair that reminded me of Breck shampoo commercials. Her voice was sweet and sounded almost like singing even if she was just giving a spelling test. I could not believe my good fortune of being in her class when my best friend was suffering next door in the evil clutches of Mrs. Meanie. But my luck would soon change when Mrs. Burns explained to us that no, she had not swallowed a watermelon seed, but was in fact, going to have a baby and would not be finishing the school year with us. I was devastated.

About 10 years ago, or shortly after we moved back to Hometown, my father-in-law delivered a little gift bag to me and said it was from Mrs. Burns. Inside, was Miss Poinsettia and a letter. I immediately recognized the oh-so-perfect handwriting. Mrs. Burns told of how she had enjoyed Miss Poinsettia for many years. She said she thought of my mother and me each time she hung it on her tree. But she felt that perhaps now, I might enjoy Miss Poinsettia in my own home. And I have.

Wasn't that thoughtful of her? That's why Mrs. Burns was one of my favorite teachers and why Miss Poinsettia is one of my favorite ornaments.


Sturgmom said...

What a sweet lady!

Johanna said...

did i miss wednesdays words of wisdom?

Kimberly said...

How cool is that!?!

Rhonda said...

Denyse, I love the story of Mrs Poinsettia and your teacher. WOW, amazing how one person can make such a huge impression. See it's true you never know what one deed may be to someone else! You became a teacher because of your impression of Mrs. Burns. Love it!