Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Deck the Halls--Froo-Froo Tree and Hometown Friends

This icicle angel is part of an icicle nativity ornament set of 12 pieces that was made by my high school pal, Tina. I took about 142 pictures trying to capture its beauty, but just couldn't get one that completely does it justice. I'm not sure how many years ago she gave it to me, but it was shortly after my mother passed away. I loved it so much, I purchased it its own tree which we now call the "Froo-Froo Tree"--all matchy-matchy with gold, red and white ornaments. But the nativity pieces are definitely the focal point of the tree.

Last night we celebrated our annual "Hometown High School Gang" Christmas with Tina and company. This group is made up of three guys and three girls that grew up in church youth group together and their spouses. Four couples in all because two of us married within "the group". We get together every year. One couple has relocated to another state. Three of us are somewhat local, but still don't see each other much during the year. I'm sure there were many times in the beginning where C & T, the two spouses not born and raised in Hometown, felt uncomfortable because we would re-tell and re-live the days of our youth each time we got together. But it has been interesting to me, that as time goes on we are less about the "good ol' days" and more about making new memories.

Over the past 20 years we have been to weddings, celebrated the addition of 9 children, mourned the loss of parents and even survived a bout with cancer. These are the people that I may not see from one Christmas to the next, but I know would be there in a heartbeat if I needed them. These are the people who pick up right where we left off last year as if it was only last week. And these are the people who, like my icicle nativity ornaments have their own tree, have their own special place in my heart.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy all of you still get together. You are all very special to me....I remember the days!! Knowing all of you assures me that the time you spend together is always memorable!! Love all of you!!

Cheryl H.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a post to read. Thanks for the kind words. You have been a lifelong friend and one I never want to part with.