Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Taste of New York

You may call me Louise now, because I have officially become my grandmother. She and my Papa traveled all over the United States and Canada. You could name any major city, and she could tell you what she ate there. (Boise, Idaho? Biggest baked potato ever. Bowling Green, Kentucky? Great chicken-fried steak. Honolulu, Hawaii? the Oceanarium. oh, and Wendy's. Seriously.)
I used to laugh at this phenomena, but as I've grown older I now realize, "Its not the places you go, its the food you eat while you're there." So here are just a few of the highlights from our New York trip.

Frozen Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate
Serendipity III

Chocolate Croissant
Roxy's Deli

Eggplant Pizza with Ricotta Cheese
Snacky's in Little Italy

Wedge Salad

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie
Bubby's Pie Kitchen

"firm fries and warm delicious mouth-watering buns"

These were not just meals, but defining moments in our adventure. Years from now, I may not remember what Broadway show we saw, but I guarantee I will remember the meatballs-as-big-as-your-fist and stuffed mushrooms with little bits of Italian sausage that we had at Carmine's afterwards.
Yes, the legacy continues... I have become "Louise".


Honey Mommy said...

Now I'm hungry!

Kimberly said...

Strangely the wedge salad sound the most yummy to me right now....very odd because I am a dessert person, but it just sounds and looks so good!

jen phifer said...

found your blog via amanda sturgeon's, and i have to say i totally agree.
i lived in toronto for a summer in college, and i keep telling my husband "we have to go back there! you don't understand! they have the most awesome restaurants!"

jennifer said...

Oh my gosh "Louise", you are killing me with the awesome food! I want a bite of all of it.
wonder how many Weight Watcher's points in the peanut butter pie stuff? ACK!

Have a great week.

Cairo Typ0 said...

I have never been to NYC i'm so jealous! You've had the famous hot chocolate at Serendipity. *jealous*

Thanks for visiting on my BAtW day! :)

Ronnica said...

Looks delish! Especially the chocolate peanut butter pie!