Friday, October 31, 2008

Her Hero

We are not big fans of fancy Halloween costumes. I prefer simple and cheap. I made out pretty easy this year. Our church's fall festival is called "Space Quest", so Hallie will be attending as "The Solar System" ( which is a black sweat suit with the planets ironed on it). I'll try to post a pic later if I can get her to slow her orbit long enough to capture her on film. HannahKate is going as an alien from another planet, er, I mean, her normal 13 year-old self.
But as I was procrastinating today, I was reminded of Halloween 2006 when the children were supposed to dress as their favorite superhero. Hallie chose a doctor costume because she said veterinarians were her heroes. Very noble. (I once wanted to be a veterinarian until I read All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot and learned what kind of disgusting things you have to do at the back end of a cow. ) But do you know who HannahKate chose? Her daddy. Isn't that sweet? The picture quality is not so great here, but what a precious reminder of the role a daddy plays in the life of a little girl.
We could simulate his "physique" with pillows, but she could't grow her gotee out as long as his in time for the festival.

You know what, HannahKate? He's my hero, too :)


Cheryl Hyatt said...

My daddy was my hero when I was growing up, too. You go, HannahKate. Your daddy is a very special man!!

Honey Mommy said...

How sweet!

I look forward to seeing the solar system costume. How fun is that?

Kimberly said...

Too sweet!!!