Sunday, October 5, 2008

Just Catching Up

I haven't posted since last Thursday. I'm sure you're all wondering where I've been. Well, I'll tell you. On Friday, I went with some of my favorite girls from church to First Monday Trade Days. We had so much fun. I bought things I didn't really need: tulle ribbon, dominoes (for jewelry), and, of course, beads. I had the most delicious herbed chicken salad crepe for lunch and some fresh squeezed lemonade. I saw the biggest hair I think I've ever seen in my life...and when you're from Texas, that's pretty big. The weather was perfect and we stopped at the Dairy Queen on the way home. Lovely, lovely day.
But that's not all. On Friday evening, we celebrated Paige's birthday at a fondue restaurant. What an adventure! I had no idea you could dip so many different things in cheese. The thought occurred to me that fondue could be ideal for weight loss. I mean, basically, you cook your meal one bite at a time. Unfortunately, I think the aforementioned cheese is not included on most approved diet plans, much less the fruit, brownies and marshmallows dipped in chocolate sauce that rounded out our meal.
On Saturday, HannahKate went gallivanting with the youth group from church, so Hallie and I went to see a movie. Then we came home and made some jewelry together. Cute owl earrings and a necklace for Halloween. Kind of a quiet day, but very pleasant. Its funny how my children drive me crazy when they're together, always picking at each other and bickering; but, one on one, they are really quite enjoyable.
That brings us to today, Sunday. Church this morning was amazing. Jonathan sang one of my all time favorite songs, Carried to the Table by Leeland. Bro. Tim preached another amazing sermon about servanthood. At one point, the entire staff each chose one person, brought them to the front and washed their feet as a picture of servant leadership. Very moving.
So, there you have it. Nothing earth shattering, but just a testimony of how very blessed I am to have friends, family, and my church. How could I ask for more?

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Sturgmom said...

Hey- I was at Canton on Friday, too! AND I had a chicken salad crepe! Just like 50,000 other women. Sorry we didn't run into each other...