Sunday, June 21, 2009

That's What She Said

Today we were in the car driving home from Father's Day shopping and the girls were both in a good mood, laughing and tallking, with each other, which hardly ever happens. 

Hallie was trying to impress us with her knowledge of Spanish and she said, "Sí, es verdad." To which HannahKate replied, "Yes, it's green?"  {for those not as fluent in Spanish as Hallie:  verdad=true/correct and verde=green}

Next, it was Hallie's turn to need an interpreter.  She was telling us about a classmate from this past school year, and said, "Remember?  He's the one I peenched?"  I just vaguely remembered, so I said, "Why did you pinch him?" She responded, "I didn't, I peenched him."  Evidently there is a difference between pinch and peench of which I was not aware.

And in the vein of good sportsmanship, I'll tell you my "misinterpretation mishap" this week.  A friend of mine sent me an email and asked for help.  She said, "How would you say this in Spanish:  We love you Kevin Arnold.  Thanks a million."  So I translated, "¡Le amamos Kevin Arnold! ¡Gracias un millón!"  And I added a side note explaining that sometimes expressions and idioms don't quite make the jump from one language to another, but that this particular one should be ok.  "He'll get the gist", I said.  She responded, laughing at me in all capital letters, "YOU ARE SO FUNNY!  The 'Thanks a million' part was intended for YOU!"

I guess the girls and I all three have "blonde" roots.

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Michelle B. said...

Well, I know where to find my tutor for this next semester of Spanish! LOL