Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cruisin'--Part 1

Back at the first of May, we got to go on a cruise to the Bahamas. I haven't really shared much from the trip, but I figure "better late than never", right?
We departed from Orlando and arrived early the next morning at CocoCay, a private island owned by the Royal Carribean cruise line. I could probably get used to waking up to a view like this!
We spent the day on the island. It was beautiful, very postcard-esque: crystal-clear water, white sandy beaches, palm trees and birds.

Lots of birds...and you know how I feel about birds!

So BigJoel and I set off down the beach to find a spot away from the other tourists...and the birds. Did I mention the crystal-clear water?

We found a thatched umbrella with two chairs and made ourselves at home.
And this was my view for the rest of the day....I'm quite certain God created the Carribbean to give us a glimpse of Heaven!

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