Monday, November 26, 2007

Life Lessons

This last week my husband and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary. We returned home to find our girls (ages 7 and 12) working diligently, collaborating, and creating. After some time, they presented us with a large poster-sized card that contained a poem they had co-written. I just had to share:

The ABCs of Mom and Dad
you two are Always
together, Best parents ever
Caring every Day, in Every special way
never Forgetting the memories we share, you Guys are a very special pair.
lots of Hugs and Ice cream too, Joy and Kisses all will do.
all the Laughs and travelling
around the Map are fun, No one can compare, not even One
in our house Peace and Quiet can't be achieved, on nights like this it must be nice to be Relieved
Sarcasm is a big deal, it helps Tough times to be concealed
your love is Up on the scale and we have never seen it fail
always Very nice, you're as cool as ice
you have cool clothes to Wear and you are lighter than air
Xtremely loving to us, Your love is bigger than a bus
up and down, our emotions are like a Zipper, but your love for each other will never differ

Ok, so its a little corny and doesn't follow any of the rules of iambic pentameter (whatever that is) but to us it is priceless. It says to me that maybe I'm not doing such a bad job as a parent. My children know that I love their father and he loves me. They know that even though they give us grief, we will love them unconditionally. They will even go so far as to admit that we're still cool and they like being with us. We are called to be their parents, not their friends; however, its nice to know that maybe we're doing a good enough job at the former to be on the road to the latter.

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Paige Thompson Shepherd said...

I am a little behind finding your blog..sorry:) I have to say, this poem and your words are a great encouragment. You and Joel are two of the greatest people I know. Your marriage and parenting are huge encouragments to Mark and I...I feel so blessed to have you guys to look to....and I am glad your girls have this as well.