Sunday, April 18, 2010


In the never-ending saga of shortness that plagues my life...this man stood in front of me the entire time at The Rock and Worship Roadshow. Seriously, I do not make this stuff up. Once again, the tallest individual in the building chose to sit directly in front of me.Here's an idea~remember how they used to make us line up by height from tallest to shortest on class picture day in elementary school? The tall people got to be first because they stood on the top riser. Us "shorties" were last in line and had to stand on the floor.
What if concert venues required you to line up in the same manner? Tall people in the back, shorties up front.
I think that would be nothing "short" of wonderful.


Paisley said...

I totally agree with that being that I am only 5'2". It never fails that a tall person will always sit in front of me too.

melanie said...

yep i can identify. someone tall almost ALWAYS sits in front of me. it is truly wrong!!

Anjolee said...

Totally agree!