Saturday, April 17, 2010

I Get No Respect

A few days ago, I opened the cabinet under my bathroom sink and was greeted by this guy.
"Somebody" thought it would be funny to scare their mother silly.
Nice try, but you don't frighten me. First of all, cobras are not typically found in Hometown, Texas. And second, raising kids is much more dangerous than poisonous snakes hiding under cabinets!


melanie said...

well that would have sent me to the hospital i am quite sure!! you are more of a woman than me!

The Shepherd Family said...

Wowee I probably would have passed out! Just looking at the picture gave me the heebee jeebees:)

Coach Wheat's Wife said...

She is woman, hear her ROAR!!
So...are you gonna hide it somewhere now?? :o)