Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm Always "Right"

Joel and I have a "tradition" of taking one-armed pictures. Someone asked me one time why I am always on the right and he's always on the left. I think the person thought I might be hiding some secret scar or blemish on the left side of my face, but the simple truth is that Joel has the longest arm and he has to hold the camera in his left hand to push the button.

Instead of writing about every piddly detail of our recent cruise, I thought I'd just share the one-armed shots we took. After all, who really wants to hear about the extravagant food, relaxing in the sun, and how many times Joel visited the soft-serve ice cream machine?

On the tender (which is really just a little boat) riding from the ship over to CocoCay.

In "our secret spot" on the beach at CocoCay~the sun is in my eyes and I'd really appreciate if you'd keep the comments about my granny-gardener hat to yourself.

In the lobby of the Atlantis resort in The Bahamas. Man, it was fancy!

No pics of the soft-serve ice cream machine, but here we are in front of Ben & Jerry's~with a cherry on top.

People are often gracious enough to stop and ask if we'd like them to take a more traditional picture of the two of us; but honestly, the one-armed shots are always my favorites.


オテモヤン said...
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Anjolee said...

I love those!

melanie said...

looks ike it was a blast!

Tammy said...

Looks like SO much fun... and I LOVE the hat!! Really... I do. :)