Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baking with a Buddy--The Sequel

Each year our Children's Ministry at church hosts "Baking with a Buddy". Its basically a cake decorating contest for kids and their dads or some significant adult. Hallie and BigJoel had a pretty tough act to follow after last year's Love Bug; but this is one of Hal's favorite things, so they were up for the challenge.

On Monday, HanK and I had to go dress shopping (oh, the drama) so Hallie and Joel stayed behind to do some research and plot their strategy. By the time we got home, they had searched online, watched a video, and had a solid vision.

On Tuesday after dinner, they took over the kitchen so they could bake the cake. This enabled them to refrigerate the cake overnight so it would be easier to cut and decorate.

So today, they showed up at church with the cake still in the pan and all their supplies. Here they are waiting for the starting signal.

First they used a template to cut the shape.

Then they began to assemble their masterpiece.

Even though time was of the essence, they couldn't skimp on details.

And finally, the finished product! They called it "Love Song".

The competition was tough, but Hallie & BigJoel emerged with the 1st Place award for Teamwork. It was definitely a collaborative process and so fun to watch them work together. If this road manager thing doesn't work out for Joel, I think there might be a future for he and Hal at CharmCity Cakes or perhaps working for the Cake Boss.


The Shepherd Family said...

Great Job!

tracey fields said...

i'm impressed. maybe hallie & joel can start a cake decorating business around town...joel could dress up like a clown and deliver the cakes. just a thought.

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