Monday, December 14, 2009

Away in a Manger

I found out that my friend, Amanda, was participating in a Christmas Tour of Homes. When I realized that I wouldn't have to actually clean my house and provide paper booties to cover people's shoes when they walk in the front door, I decided to play along too.
I collect nativities. Its a bit of an obsession. At last count, I own well over 50 of them. Some are fancy and some are kitschy. So for my tour, I'll share just a few of them.
This is where it all began. My husband and I bought this on our very first anniversary. It is still probably my absolute favorite.

My best friend gave me this one created by an artist in Colorado Springs.

I love this "all-in-one" piece. It is by artist Karen Lawrence.

BigJoel and I picked this one up a few years ago on vacation in Mexico.

This set is particularly special. It was given to me by the teachers at the school where I was the Administrator. Even more special is that it was made by one of the teachers! She's so talented.

Joel and I bought this nativity for our 5th anniversary on a trip to Jefferson, Texas.

I've traveled to Peru several times and love this little set that portrays the Holy Family inside of a chullo hat.

This large nativity was made in Peru also, but given to me by the teachers at my school.

Another Karen Lawrence piece~I love this set!

A tiny Mexican nativity that I got in San Antonio at the Market.

My friend Kim and I actually made this set several (16, actually) years ago when ceramics and country blue were all the rage.

Yet another nativity that the teachers gave me, this one came from Haiti. I love the little "stable" in the background~its made from a coconut.

We have so many nativities, we can't keep them all indoors. This is yard art made by one of our church members.

When our oldest daughter was about 4 years old, I caught her rearranging the pieces of several sets one time. I asked her what she was doing and she replied, "I'm fixing it to where everyone [the kings, shepherds and even stable animals] can see Jesus. He's the most important part." So true, HannahKate, He is the most important part, isn't He.

Thanks for taking my little last minute tour. I hope you enjoyed it and may you remember The Most Important Part of this holiday season.


HouseMama said...

What an awesome collection you have. Thanks for sharing it.

Summer said...

What a great collection to have! I've always thought collecting nativites from around the world would be fun! Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas!

Carly said...

What a beautiful collection! Thank you for sharing and Merry Christmas!

Mandi @ Organizing Your Way said...


I've been to Peru several times too, and one year I brought back little those tiny carved mangers inside a white stone of some kind as gifts for my family. I'm afraid I don't even know what they were made out of, but do you know what I'm talking about? They were TINY!

Hootin' Anni said...

BEAUTIFUL!! I too favor the 'all in one piece'!!

mY tOUR iS nOW sHARED....come by if you can to visit. Happy Holidays!


A Bushel and Peck and Pigtails Paper Trails said...

I love all of the manger scenes!


Sturgmom said...

Those Karen Lawrence pieces are gorgeous!! And how cool that there are so many from diffrent placed around the world!

Coach Wheat's Wife said...

I collect nativities, too! My favorites are the ones that show Mary holding her sweet baby Jesus in her arms. We've discovered that those are kind of hard to find.

Sherry said...

I absolutely LOVE your nativity collections! :D They are georgous!!

Merry CHRISTmas!

Allyson said...

LOVE your nativity sets! They are all beautiful! What a wonderful to collect. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Ells said...

Love all those nativities! Thanks for your comment!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

quite precious! lovely little decorations!

jodi @ Pleasant Home said...

What a wonderful collection. Thanks for sharing.

Griswold Fun said...

I like your terracotta nativity - probably because it reminds me of mine!

Muthering Heights said...

You have SUCH a cute collection!!!

My one and only is hidden way up high this year, away from little hands...I can't wait to put it in a prominent place again!

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

I am so glad I stopped by, I so love all of your Nativity sets, thank you for sharing.

Cha Cha said...

Your collection touches my heart. GOD BLESS AND MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Elaine A. said...

Wow! That's quite the collection! I'm so glad you shared it with us all. I especially like the one from Mexico.

Merry Christmas.

Oh and cute story about your daughter rearranging the pieces! :D