Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm Not as Random as You Think I Salad

Ok, so Elizabeth and I were discussing ideas for future blog topics yesterday, and while she has hers planned out for the rest of the year, I've run into a bit of a blogger's block. It seems as if the things that float around in my head either won't materialize into coherent ideas or divulge symtoms of mental/spiritual instability which I'd prefer to not make public to anyone who might still think I'm normal. Therefore, here is a list of thoughts that might or might not become future blog topics.

1. Our book club is reading "The Shack". Its billed as a modern day "Pilgrim's Progress". I have no idea what that means (I guess it probably means I should also read "Pilgrim's Progress")

2. Last night we went to dinner at Sambuca in Dallas and heard "Hard Night's Day", a Beatles "cover-up" band. (Sorry, Precious Oldest Daughter, I couldn't resist borrowing your phraseology.) It was great food and music, but the Beatles were actually only the tip of the entertainment iceberg. Let's just say there was an abundance of silicone, botox and alcohol in the room. Not to mention the creepy man who kept "accidentally" going into the women's restroom. Oh, and speaking of the restroom, think "360 mirror" on What Not to Wear and you'll understand why I slowed down my water consumption so as not to warrant a return trip.

3. I love "quotation marks"...and I also love using the ... (dot dot dot) to encourage the reader to finish the thought for themselves. (After seeing Mamma Mia, the "dot dot dot" brings another picture to mind) Still, I think I'll continue using the dotX3 because it implies an open endedness that periods don't allow. When you end a sentence with a period, its so final. However, the dot dot dot provides one with a chance for reflective pause, rebuttal or even an "amen". (I also love parentheses)

4. Hannah's birthday is coming up soon which I'm sure will lead to some heated discussions with my husband over what to get her. He always goes overboard and I always argue that our kids are spoiled and would rather play with the "box" than its actual contents. Can't talk much else about that now, because she might read this before the big day.

5. I wish Ceasar Milan would come to my house and help me with my two dogs. Of course, I wish "Clean Sweep" and "Nanny 911" would come first to get my house and kids ready for Ceasar's visit.

6. No matter how long Joel is gone on a trip, its always 1 day too long.

7. Dr. F says Hallie's tonsils have grown back. Seriously? Is that really possible? Should I consult the ENT who performed the surgery just a little over a year ago? Or should I contact Ripley's Believe It or Not?

8. Is it awful that I love Facebook so much that I added it to my phone so I can always be notified of my Friends' status? Speaking of Facebook, don't even get me started on my addiction to "Pieces of Flair". I'm pretty much convinced that Flair is the new Hallmark. There's always one that says just the right thing. I've always wanted to write a book of catchy sayings that I learned growing up (like, "You've found a teehee nest with haha eggs in it") as well as those I've coined on my own as a parent (such as, "A door (for your room) is a privilege, not a right.") Maybe I could incorporate those thoughts into my obsession with Flair. Perhaps, my book will have pages resembling a corkboard and be entitled "Wisdom With Flair"... Of course it will include lots of quotation marks, dot dot dots and parentheses!


Kimberly said...

Sounds like a lot of good ideas in the works! I wish I could have a list of possibilities come to mind these days. Maybe after a trip to Colorado I will come back inspired. :)

Elizabeth said...

I think we both need a secret blog that could only be seen by the same people who could see our secret flair board. Then, you wouldn't have to worry about people who might still think that you are sane ;)

Jamie Mullins said...

Ok...I want to know what you think of The Shack!! It was LIFE CHANGING for me but I know it's been pretty contraversial since it's not theoloically accurate. I thought it was UH-mazing though(after I got thru the first 3 chapters-that was rough).