Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I'm stressed out, basically a walking anxiety attack waiting to happen. Two days left at the job I've been at for 11 years and only 4 days before my oldest daughter and I leave for a mission trip to Peru. I have so many things going on in so many different places, that I finally picked up a little notebook to organize my thoughts. Its my Book of Lists. I have a list of things to do at work, things to do at home, a list of supplies needed for the trip, another list of personal items needed for the trip (this list is actually divided into two sub-lists: one for for things to buy and the other for things I already have but am afraid I might forget), a list of questions to ask and phone calls to make, a list of things to get Youngest One ready for 2 weeks at Grammy's, a list of things for Hubby to do, a list of things to remind my friend Elizabeth about for the trip, a list of appointments, a list of things to remind the person taking over my job about, a list of fences to mend and bridges to burn, and so on and so forth...I have so many lists, that I may need to begin a list of lists to keep up with them!

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