Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Day

Last week, "Snowpocalypse" hit Northeast Texas.  After three days of being iced in on the verge of crazy, we finally woke to over six inches of snow.  Actual snow.
Since we're relatively ill-equipped to handle extreme cold temperatures here in Texas, we had to get creative with our winter wear. HannahKate has cute leopard print rain boots and so does Hallie.  I have...Wal-Mart sacks over my tennis shoes.
 Hallie dubbed herself a "snow ninja".  Sometimes she's a strange kid.

The girls made snow angels on the trampoline...about as close to "angelic" as they will ever be.
We had a great time, but really only lasted outside for about thirty minutes.  I know, I know...we're wintry wimps.  Don't get me wrong, I love long as I'm nice and warm inside the house looking out at it.

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Paisley said...

You use Walmart bags to keep your shoes and feet dry, we use latex gloves to keep our gloves and hands dry. Hey whatever it takes to stay dry. :)