Saturday, May 8, 2010

There Goes My MOTY Award--Glee

This morning, while cleaning up the kitchen with BigJoel after making me a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs and cheese toast, I overheard Hallie telling him about the story line of Glee-Season 1. I was convicted about what a slacker mom I am as I heard her recanting about Mrs. Schuster's "hysterical pregnancy" and how Quinn told Finn that she got pregnant because they were in the hot tub together. Seriously, what kind of mother lets her 10 year old watch this stuff?
Then she says, "The cool thing is all the relationship hook-ups in the group. Rachel is in love with Finn. Finn is in love with Quinn. Quinn is in love with Puck, but Puck isn't in love with anyone because he's a heartless jerk." (Remember, this is Season 1 and remember those were her words, not mine.) So I had to laugh out loud when, after all this endless chattering to her daddy, I heard Joel say, "I thought the cool thing was the singing. Aren't they supposed to sing on that show?"
Oh. I think Hallie missed that part.
There goes my Mother of the Year Award.

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