Saturday, October 10, 2009

Goodguys Don't Always Finish Last

Last week, the Goodguys Rod & Custom Show was at the Texas Motor Speedway. BigJoel looks forward to this every year and if his schedule permits, we do our level best to make it out to see all the amazing hot rods, muscle cars, and my personal fave~the rat rods. The weather could not have been more beautiful and we had the most wonderful day. Here are two of my favorites from the show.

Can you tell I like "surf wagons"?

I must admit that I'm not as much of a die-hard fan as Joel. I had a great time, but after a few hours, everything started looking pretty much the same. However, the cars weren't the only "old" things at the show drawing a lot of attention:
This lady's shorts were very short. The picture doesn't fully communicate just how short they were. I was trying to be discreet in taking the photo. (Discreet and I think she could've beat me up.) But I'm pretty sure I have underwear that cover up more than that. And she was much older than me. In other words, she really should've known better.
Overall though, it was a great day. Perfect weather, awesome cars and spending time my very favorite "good guy"~BigJoel.


Sturgmom said...

I'm always too afraid to take pictures of the crazy people I see in public!

When I was in Canton earlier this month I saw an older lady (probably in her 60s) wearing pigtails. Sorry, but I'm pretty sure the cutoff for pigtails, is the first decade mark, not the 7th. People NEVER cease to amaze...

Paisley said...

Sounds like the lady we saw at the pizza place this weekend. We honestly think she was wearing a sweater top as a dress. There is no way she could have bent over or reached for anything without showing us everything. Even the waitresses commented about it.