Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sometimes Life's Not Fair: Part 2

Big Joel is here today.
Those are sea turtles in the surf in case you couldn't tell.

I am here today.
Those are cow patties in the pasture in case you couldn't tell.


**double sigh**


Sturgmom said...

How did you miss this trip??

And I was reading Bart's complaints on FB about how IHOP isn't open late at night in Hawaii, but I had considerable amount of trouble garnering ANY sympathy for him! :)

Kimberly said... fair! :)

knit1kids4 said...

Oh man... that isn't fair!h

Spring Fricks said...

sea turtles in the surf. That would be awesome to see.

Michelle B. said...

I read this right after you posted (did not want to let you know that I was up that late too! LOL) I just want you to know that I love your take on things! Hang in there!

TheMil10s said...

Wow. Hawaii. Stinks to be here. At least things have improved. Cow patties in a field offers a more relaxing view than navigating through downtown around inmates moving hay. Although watching inmates move hay beats riding the inmate-operated county courthouse elevator. At least you are not there. ~jmm

Johanna said...

You poor thing . . .
I'm sure he'll bring you home something really special. And you know he would much rather be at home with you and the girls than be on the road :)

Cheryl Hyatt said...

You are so funny, Denyse. I do understand your frustration, however. I had rather be in the surf, too.